Chloe B-H is Shy!

In the past I have performed a duet with my friend on TeleMiracle but this year due to COVID I will be performing a solo.  I

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$700.00 Goal
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Karissa Hoffart Fundraising For TeleMiracle

Karissa Hoffart is fundraising for TeleMiracle and would love your help to meet her goal of $2,500! Karissa will also be

$700.00 Raised 28.00%
$2,500.00 Goal
54 Days to Go

Live Music is Best – Legendary Rhythm & Blues REVUE

If you can stay up late, join us as we continue our motto that we will be “Having More FUN than Adults Should be

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$5,000.00 Goal
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Len Morin of the Shawn Adams band TeleMiracle Fundraiser

Good day everyone! I am pleased to be part of TeleMiracle 45 for 2021. I am the the drummer in the Shawn Adams band and

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Watrous Kinettes TeleMiracle 2021 Fundraiser

TeleMiracle 45 is happening on February 26 & 27, 2021. We’ve had to adapt our fundraising efforts this year due to

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Pre-Cam Community School

Pre-Cam Community School invites our families and community to help us raise funds for TeleMiracle 45, which will air on

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