Adam’s 8th Birthday Fundraiser

This year Adam’s birthday falls during TeleMiracle, and because we have been so blessed by TeleMiracle I would like to

$2,890.00 Raised 100%
$1,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

Walter Aseltine School

Walter Aseltine School is raising money for TeleMiracle this year. Due to COVID we are unable to do our normal fundraising

$1,463.00 Raised 97.53%
$1,500.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

Assiniboia Seventh Avenue School

Assiniboia Seventh Avenue School is thrilled to support TeleMiracle again this year! Please donate online.

$340.00 Raised 100%
$100.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

Wynyard Elementary School Fundraiser

Welcome to Wynyard Elementary School Telemiracle Fundraiser!

$300.00 Raised 100.00%
$300.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

Hana’s TeleMiracle Fundraising!

Hello! My name is Hana, and I am very excited to be on TeleMiracle 45! Some quick get to know me facts: My favourite school

$1,745.00 Raised 100%
$1,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go

Ituna School

Ituna School is setting a goal of $500 to fundraise for TeleMiracle this year! Since we are unable to host our annual

$0.00 Raised 0%
$500.00 Goal
0 Days to Go