Michel Dey’s Telemiracle Challenge

by Andre Dey

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Andre Dey

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Hello, my name is Michel Dey and I’m so happy to be fundraising for Telemiracle 46!

I will be performing on the Telemiracle main broadcast, which will be viewable on CTV (in Saskatchewan) starting at 9 pm on March 5, 2022 until 5 pm on March 6, 2022. The main Broadcast will also be livestreamed on the home page of telemiracle.com, so you can watch from anywhere in the world!

I will be initiating a variety of fundraising efforts for Telemiracle, but I’m most excited about the one I will explain below:

During my quest to raise $1500, I’ve decided to make fundraising challenges that I must complete should the tiers (dollar value) be met by willing donaters. If you would like to see me complete the challenges below, please consider donating to my Telemiracle campaign, or if you would just like to give out of the goodness of your heart, that’s fine too!

Telemiracle Challenge

Tier 1: $375 – Write a Telemiracle Jingle (quick song) that will be performed on my social media.

Tier 2: $750 – Whipped Cream Trivia (I answer a series of questions, if I am wrong, I get a plate of whipped cream in the face; if I’m right, should I be spared the taste of the frothy white cream, I get to move onto the next question, cream-free).

Tier 3: $1125 – Superhero Skate (I lace up the skates and take to the ice donning my best superhero tights!).

Tier 4: $1500 – Jump into a pile of snow wearing nothing but underwear (video will be uploaded to social media – this is weather permitting, so this goal must be hit before the snow melts!).

Please help me raise money for Telemiracle and be entertained by my mistfortune! I can’t wait to hit my goals, thank you and God bless!

Thank you Telemiracle for giving me the opportunity to peform and thank you to all who have a willingness to give!

Name Donate Amount Date Donation message
Anonymous $34.29 January 08, 2022
Rhonda Weichel $20.90 January 06, 2022 Telemircle challenge for Michel Deu
Andre Dey $103.30 January 05, 2022