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My name is Hana, and I am very excited to be on TeleMiracle 45! Some quick get to know me facts:

My favourite school subjects are: Creative Writing, English and Drama
My favourite TV show is Greys Anatomy
Favourite pass times: Writing, Singing, Theatre, hanging out with my friends and family, and practising my band instruments.

I am fundraising for TeleMiracle because it is a worthy, wild cause and does amazing things for Saskatchewan families. I remember doing cheesy school fundraisers when I was a little kid having  “dances” and things like that, which make fond memories for me. When I heard the all call for the auditions in October I knew I had to do this. I want this the Kinsmen Foundation to keep going because it’s a comfort to know that these services are available for the families who need them. So lets keeping going higher folks!

Name Donate Amount Date
Candace Affleck $30.00 February 27, 2021
Heidi Phillips $100.00 February 27, 2021
$0.00 February 26, 2021
Anonymous $1,615.00 February 25, 2021