Belle Diabolique’s Telemiracle 46 Fundraising Campaign

by Belle Diabolique

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Belle Diabolique

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Hello, my name is Belle, and I am one of the performers in Telemiracle 46. I am starting an online campaign in the hope that I can raise money to benefit Saskatchewan people who need help.  It is well advertised that Nutrien Ag will match any donation made through a campaign by a Sask. Talent performer.  I very sincerely thank you for any donation you make, and I hope you enjoy watching Telemiracle this year!


I do have a YouTube channel, where I do post videos occasionally. I plan to do a special video in regards to Telemiracle, so you can check that out if you want.

Belle Diabolique’s YouTube Channel

Name Donate Amount Date Donation message
Jennifer Knutson $51.80 January 16, 2022
Colleen Garnsey $26.05 December 16, 2021
Jeanette Jackson $103.30 December 16, 2021
Brenda Bleile $51.80 December 16, 2021 You are awesome