Kin Club Kindersley Community Donation page

Please support our community donation page. We will present it during TeleMiracle 45, in an online video for Kindersley and

$3,130.00 Raised 100%
$2,000.00 Goal
54 Days to Go

Core Dynamic Care Community – TeleMiracle 45 Campaign

Core Dynamics Pilates & Dance is a local dance studio in Lloydminster, AB that believes in the power of Community!

$750.00 Raised 30.00%
$2,500.00 Goal
54 Days to Go

Prairie View School’s TeleMiracle Fundraiser

Every year Prairie View School does a fundraiser for TeleMiracle.  We like to have dress up days, do coin collections, sell

$1,125.00 Raised 100%
$1,000.00 Goal
54 Days to Go

Kateryna Grace Performs on TeleMiracle 45

Kateryna Grace and her sister, Natalia, will be performing at TeleMiracle 45 on Feb 27-28, 2021. Please consider donating to

$1,175.00 Raised 100%
$250.00 Goal
54 Days to Go

Support TeleMiracle with the Summerfield Dancers!

Welcome to our fundraising page! We are thrilled to be part of TeleMiracle 45 and to share our passion for music and dance

$1,800.00 Raised 100%
$250.00 Goal
54 Days to Go

St. Brieux Kin Fundraiser for TeleMiracle 45

The St. Brieux Kin Club is collecting donations for TeleMiracle. We’d like to combine all TeleMiracle donations from St.

$685.00 Raised 100%
$500.00 Goal
54 Days to Go